Friday, May 21, 2010

my old violin teacher died

dear anthony kiedis,
i've only got ten minutes so i'll make this quick.

my old violin teacher died. i found out a couple of weeks ago, but i didn't know what to say, really. i still don't.

they found his body four days after, because of the smell.

he taught me for free when i was in high school. he had missing teeth, he was bald. he wore the same cheesy retired-in-florida mafioso shirt every week. he had very young hands and a very loud laugh.

the funny thing about him was he could never tell when i'd been practicing or not. actually, whenever i practiced i would sound like crap, whenever i didn't practice i sounded great.

i know. i can't wrap my mind around it either.

it's not right when people live alone, die alone, and are only remembered because their smell is inconvenient.

someone sent me a friendster message that said he had met you once, and you showed him your surgical scar.

maybe someday you can show me,